Standing Seam


Standing Seam Panel

Standing Seam Panels have a concealed fastener system & sleek design setting it apart from other panel styles. They have a snap-lock design and offer 16" of coverage per panel width. These panels are only available in 26 gauge and come in several color choices. Standing Seam panels are an attractive choice for residential roof applications.


Oil canning is defined as a visual waviness in the flat area of metal panels. All individuals and companies involved with a standing seam project need to be familiar with the phenomenon of oil canning.

Many factors can contribute to the degree of natural and unnatural oil canning, including but not limited to deflection due to thermal movement, misaligned substrates or framing and improperly aligned fasteners. Deformation of the panel caused by improper installation or substrate should be addressed by the appropriate contractor.

 The type of panel surface specified is an important design consideration. To help reduce the appearance of oil canning, striations or minor ribs can be added to the panel when it is manufactured. Striating a panel consists of roll forming gentle waves into the panel surface. These waves break up the flat area of the panel surface and may help reduce the appearance of oil canning. Ribbing a panel consists of minor ribs in the center of the panel. This will also help reduce the appearance of oil canning. Also, choosing a heavier gauge steel will often lessen the appearance of oil canning.

 Oil canning is an inherent property of standing seam panels and is NOT cause for panel rejection. In addition, panels with striations or ribs are the preferred pan condition to lessen the appearance of oil canning. However, the appearance of oil canning could still be visible with ribs or striations.